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Word Pischquorky is derived from a Czech word piškvorky, which means noughts and crosses. Our variation will however absolutely enthral you, as it offers a unique opportunity to play through Bluetooth! This great function is TOTALLY UNIQUE, but we also offer you the option to play with your friend, who has no device with Bluetooth, on one (yours) device, you can also play over the Internet or you can play singleplayer against your device in more difficulties. The Pischquorky application is completely for free. Download another great game from the renowned studio Gibucsoft!


Screenshot of application Pischquorky Screenshot of application Pischquorky Screenshot of application Pischquorky


Version 2.2:Number of players is now 2 to 5, in multiplayer you can set winning count 3 to 5, game over the Internet was added, game now starts randomly in singleplayer and help was added.-24th January 2016
Version 2.1:Singleplayer was improved, animation of drawing of symbols and sound of pencil were added.-5th September 2015
Version 2.0:First English version, so no ones.-8th June 2015


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