We are only a few young enthusiasts, whose goal is to create entertaining games and useful application, you can try those out on the tab Download.
The exact date, when our association was founded, is 24th June 2014, so we are already traditional developers of software with rich experience.
Download some of the applications, which are offered by us. Join hundreds of satisfied users and publish your review and improve our products a bit.
Have fun!


IntelliCalc - 3.6

We have published IntelliCalc 3.6. Now it is possible to export and to print the 3D geometric project and to import GeoGebra files, the 3D analytic view, the 3D construction protocol were added, the 3D coordinate axes and the 3D grid in different systems of coordinates were added.

IntelliCalc - 3.5

Today we have published IntelliCalc 3.5, in which we have added 3D geometric mode.

GibucLauncher - 2.1

Today we have published new version of our installation and updates application GibucLauncher with number 2.1. The security was improved and it was optimalized.

GibucTech website

This website was upgraded from Gibucsoft website to website of our whole associtaion GibucTech and so you can see our new logo here.

IntelliCalc - 3.4

Today we have published IntelliCalc 3.4. The analytic view and the construction protocol were added. Now it is possible to import GeoGebra files.