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Are you fed up with incessant checking for new updates, are you unable to update our applications or is it too much effort for you? GibucLauncher will spare you these sorrows! With deactivatable function of automatical updating you will always have the newest version of any of our applications with a single click! Well, isn't it brilliant? It is of course possible to turn this function off, so that you can update only the applications, that you want updated. Simply open your GibucAccount, sign into GibucLauncher and when the first available update arrives, you will get the opportunity to set GibucLauncher up exactly according to your taste. And that is still not all! GibucLauncher can even update itself! You will always have the newest version available of our excellent gadget! GibucLauncher is, as is our good custom, completely FREE! Download it today!


Screenshot of application GibucLauncher Screenshot of application GibucLauncher Screenshot of application GibucLauncher


Version 2.1: Security improvement, optimalization.-17th April 2020
Version 2.0: First English version, so no ones.-10th December 2016
Note: This application is composed of two parts and the web one is updated by rolling release system, so this version numbering applies only to the offline part.


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