We are only a few young enthusiasts, whose goal is to create entertaining games and useful application, you can try those out on the tab Download.
The exact date, when our association was founded, is 24th June 2014, so we are already traditional developers of software with rich experience.
Download some of the applications, which are offered by us. Join hundreds of satisfied users and publish your review and improve our products a bit.
Have fun!


IntelliCalc - 2.0

Today we have published IntelliCalc in version 2.0. Precise mode was added, which makes perfectly precise symbolic computations possible. It is also possible to simplify algebraic fractions and to solve with unknown in denominator. It can show steps of solution of equations and systems of equations, too.


Today we have published GibucLauncher 2.0, it's the first English version of our application, which can download and update other our applications.

IntelliCalc - 1.3

Today we've published IntelliCalc 1.3 with these improvements: Algebraical and graphical solution of quadratic equations and systems of equations was added. Polynomials can have more variables and complex coefficients. Help was added. It is possible to make power of parentheses to natural number.

IntelliCalc - 1.2

Today we have published IntelliCalc in version 1.2. Mode for solving linear equations a their graphic representation was added. Expressions of polynomials now allow division of polynomial by a real number.

News on main site

Since today all the news about our applications, websites, videos and everything about us will be published directly on our main site in this way, so you can notice them immediately.