We are only a few young enthusiasts, whose goal is to create entertaining games and useful application, you can try those out on the tab Download.
The exact date, when our association was founded, is 24th June 2014, so we are already traditional developers of software with rich experience.
Download some of the applications, which are offered by us. Join hundreds of satisfied users and publish your review and improve our products a bit.
Have fun!


IntelliCalc - 2.4

Today we have published IntelliCalc 2.4. Goniometric equation and inequations, logarithmic and exponential inequations and algebraic equations, solvable by substitution were added and the application was optimalized.

IntelliCalc - 2.3

Today we have published IntelliCalc 2.3. Exponential and logarithmic equations were added.

IntelliCalc - 2.2

Today we've published IntelliCalc 2.2. Cubic, quartic and irrational equations were added.

IntelliCalc - 2.1

Today we have published IntelliCalc in version 2.1. Various number systems and more domains, equations with parameter and absolute value and inequations were added. There are written conditions at expressions of polynomials. Fractions are now shown in vertical form.

Blocklife 2.0

Today we have published a new version of Blocklife - Blocklife 2.0. The whole game was reworked and it features somthing, what is so cool, that you have never seen before. It takes place on round Earth.