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Are you sick of primitive calculators, which can do nothing properly? Then our intelligent calculator is just for you! It already abounds with numerous functions, which are usually inaccessible in conventional calculators but IntelliCalc is going to be very frequently evolved, improved and updated! It will soon offer possibilities you have never dreamed about, such as differential and integral calculus. Use the utilities of sovereignly the best calculator for FREE!!


Screenshot of application IntelliCalc Screenshot of application IntelliCalc Screenshot of application IntelliCalc


Version 3.6: Now it is possible to export and to print the 3D geometric project and to import GeoGebra files, the 3D analytic view, the 3D construction protocol were added, the 3D coordinate axes and the 3D grid in different systems of coordinates were added.-4th August 2020
Version 3.5: The 3D geometric mode was added.-16th May 2020
Version 3.4: The analytic view and the construction protocol were added. Now it is possible to import GeoGebra files.-17th March 2020
Version 3.3: Now it is possible to export and print the geometric project. The coordinate axes and the grid in different systems of coordinates were added.-15th February 2020
Version 3.2: The tagent, the polar line, the polygon, the vector, geometric transformation were added. Now it is possible to display the area of a shape.-9th January 2020
Version 3.1: The remaining cone sections, line segment bisector and angle bisector were added. The currently drawn object now shows up as a preview.-24th May 2019
Version 3.0: Geometric mode was added.-5th April 2019
Version 2.4: Goniometric equation and inequations, logarithmic and exponential inequations and algebraic equations, solvable by substitution were, were added and the application was optimalized. -30th September 2018
Version 2.3: Exponential and logarithmic equations were added.-4th August 2018
Version 2.2: Cubic, quartic and irrational equations were added.-6th July 2018
Version 2.1: Various number systems and more domains, equations with parameter and absolute value and inequations were added. There are written conditions at expressions of polynomials. Fractions are now shown in vertical form.-19th November 2017
Version 2.0: Precise mode was added. It is possible to simplify algebraic fractions and to solve with unknown in denominator. It can show steps of solution of equations and systems of equations.-27th April 2017
Version 1.3:Algebraical and graphical solution of quadratic equations and systems of equations was added. Polynomials can have more variables and complex coefficients. Help was added. It is possible to make power of parentheses to natural number.-30th October 2016
Version 1.2:Mode for solving linear equations a their graphic representation was added. Expressions of polynomials now allow division of polynomial by a real number.-12th August 2016
Version 1.1: Choice of domain of computation, expressions of polynomials, physical constants and way to quickly edit the result were added.-6th August 2016
Version 1.0: First version, so no ones.-6th April 2016


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