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Gibucsoft introduces an absolutely new game, which you will never be bored with. It goes by a poetic name Blocklife as it resembles real life in a world made of blocks. The player can create electricity in five ways and use it for powering machines after doing so. You may want to try out controlling not only ordinary vehicles such as car, boat or helicopter, Blocklife offers you a ride on an ostrich. Blocklife is the most complex program created by Gibucsoft and is completely free. But before attempting to download it, download its configuration file first. This game is based on Minetest and its mods.


Screenshot of application Blocklife Screenshot of application Blocklife Screenshot of application Blocklife


Version 2.0: Whole game was reworked and now it takes place on round Earth.-28th September 2017
Version 1.6: Left hand was added. Free inventory fields for hands were added. Item or block can be no longer used as a tool. Tutorial mode was added. Game mode has to be set during the creation of the world and it can be no longer changed. Graphics was improved. Some bugs were fixed.-7th April 2016
Version 1.5:Butter and cheese can be made from milk. Sausage can be made from meat. Popcorn can be made from indian corn. Dough can be made from flour and egg, raw bakery products can be made from dough. Roll and bun were added. Ketchup, sunflower oil, mustard and horseradish spice were added. Mayonnaise can be made from oil and egg. Tatar sauce can be made from mayonnaise and cucumbers. Dark and light beer were added and can be made of malt. Wine was added and can be made of must.-4th February 2016
Version 1.4:Juice extractor, which you can use for making juices, was added. Speedometer and fuelmeter were added to cars and helicopters. The menu background was changed. Horisontal traffic signs were added. Rye, barley, oat, poppy, vine, hop, horseradish, lentil, sunflower, bean and maple, from which you can get maple syrup, were added. Physical excretion was added.-6th November 2015
Version 1.3:Oil refinery was added, you can use it to product oil products as gasoline, avgas, paraffin and asphalt. Honey extractor, you can use it to product honey and bee wax. You can make candles from bee wax or paraffin. Off-road car was added. More kinds of grass were added, you can cut them by sickle or scythe and dry it to get hay. Mud was added.-7th September 2015
Version 1.2:Sulfur, quartz and apatite were added. Phosphorus can be made from apatite. Matches, lighter and flint and steel were added. Some crafting recipes were changed. Oven, microwave oven and refrigerator were added.-8th July 2015
Version 1.1:Lagging was reduced. In multiplayer the item in player's hand is visible to other players. Changing of textures and names of a few things. Searching in creative inventory was added.-24th April 2015
Version 1.0:First version, so no ones.-1st February 2015


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